I spent most of my journalism career working in major market radio as a producer, reporter and news anchor. 



I regularly do freelance writing for publications. Below are some samples of my work.


Globe and Mail: My year as a morning-show host taught me that ‘early’ is a state of mind
Beep … beep … beep. The big, red number 3 glaring at me from my nightstand was daunting. But I couldn't hit snooze – I had to get up. I was a morning radio-show host. 
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Huffington Post: These Women Are Making A Difference In Canada's Political Environment
Beatriz Alas' uncle went out to vote and never returned. It happened decades ago in her home country of El Salvador, but it is an incident that taught her the value of civic rights at a young age.
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BlogTO: Is hula hooping the next Toronto exercise craze? 
I always thought I sucked at hula hooping. As a kid I would struggle to keep it going for more than a few seconds. But the classes at Sugar Hoops are far from the hooping I remembered.
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